Case in point: Adapting to workers pays off
The big idea: Treating your employees well isn’t just a nice thing to do — it can also bolster your top line growth. CityBook, among Israel’s largest outsourcing operations, supports United States-based real estate services companies and takes this premise to the next level. CityBook’s business model, staffing plan and supportive work environment are tailored to the needs of the employee base, primarily composed of Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) women.
The Washington Post

US firms turn to Israel as outsourcing alternative
Besides lower costs, nation boasts pool of educated, English-speaking workers
JERUSALEM -- For US firms looking to slash costs by farming out work abroad, eyes may turn first toward bargains like Bangalore or Beijing. Luckily for Israel, it has other charms...
The Boston Globe

'I put on makeup, I dress nicely, I’m productive'
Modi’in Illit — In 2003, when “Yona” began working at Citybook, an outsourcing company in this fervently Orthodox settlement about halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, her family needed the money simply to survive. Her husband, a full-time yeshiva student, brought in very little money, meaning that Yona — like many fervently Orthodox women — was the main breadwinner...
The Jewish Week

Unconventional, but Orthodox
Jewish women in the West Bank know the language of outsourcing
When a major property company decided to purchase a prestigious Manhattan skyscraper a couple of years ago, its managers faced the challenge of reading through the 200-page contracts of each of the building's 300 tenants before they could finalize the deal...
San Francisco Chronicle

A high-tech woman, who can find?
Most men in Modiin Illit study in yeshivas, don’t work, while their wives take care of children. But mayor has been bringing in high tech companies, and 800 women are already working...
Ynet News

Working against the clock
Nehama Berent feels tremendous satisfaction when she shuts off her computer at 2:30 P.M. "Satisfaction and responsibility," she says. She is a team manager at Citybook, a company based in Modi'in Ilit that provides real-estate insurance services to the American market...