Based in modern offices in three locations in Israel, CityBook offers a full portfolio of back-office outsourcing services tailored to the requirements of its diverse business clients. The company was the brainchild of Joseph I. Rosenbaum, Abish Brodt and Elliot S. Zaks, real estate investors based in Lakewood, New Jersey, who were looking to expand the title insurance production department of their title agency. Rather than outsource to India or the Far East, the two decided to open an outsourcing facility in Israel.

As one of the leading IT centers of the world, Israel has the physical and technological infrastructure in place to provide exceptional outsourcing solutions. The country is home to thousands of highly educated immigrants who are fluent English speakers with deep cultural affinities to the U.S., Canada and other western countries.  By establishing offices in three distinct cultural centers around Israel, CityBook has been able to capitalize on the different cultural enclaves.  Tapping into these competitive advantages, CityBook developed a comprehensive array of outsourcing services for clients in a broad range of fields, from accounting and human resources to sales and real estate.

Since its launch in 2003, CityBook has expanded rapidly, with more than 200 employees now handling transactions and service accounts for businesses in the United States and around the world. Market-minded and nimble, CityBook has become a vital contributor to the bottom-line success of numerous companies abroad, while ensuring a rewarding standard of living for hundreds of Israeli families.