CityBook is composed of native, English-speaking staff that just happens to be located in Israel instead of your country. Employees are all educated and experienced expatriate Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who specialize in a number of highly-technical support services.  It is like having a back-office that is in another location.
To whom did you outsource in the past? Was the staff comprised of native English-speaking, talent educated in the west?  Were there any language-compatibility issues that interfered with the process? This is different because CityBook is different.  All CityBook staff are native English-speakers who were highly-educated professionals in the United States, Canada, and other western nations.  CityBook also invests significant resources in continuing education and on-site training to ensure that our staff has at least the same, if not more, expertise than its state-side counterparts.
Our cutting-edge teleconferencing technology ensures that every client can directly contact the CityBook team with any questions or needs. For a full-scale project, CityBook offers regularly scheduled meetings to monitor the status of the assignment.  CityBook also provides a dedicated Project Manager.
On-time delivery is crucial to us. CityBook will not accept work unless we know that we can honor the time commitment.  And our very competitive prices are agreed upon contractually at the beginning of the assignment. Also, because of the time difference, CityBook is often able to turn-around projects while clients’ staff sleep so work submitted by end of the client’s workday is ready the next morning.
If you like, CityBook can start with a trial project or a more comprehensive pilot project. You will see how you will be able to closely monitor your work.
We have been entrusted with highly confidential information from industry-leading REITs, lenders, investment bankers, management companies, national retail tenants, etc., so we are accustomed to honoring our clients’ confidentiality and security needs.  Also, we have developed a comprehensive privacy policy and use the latest technology to ensure that the information you provide us stays secure.  Click here to read more
By outsourcing, you will be able to better use your employees for growing and developing your core business. Leave it to CityBook to worry about the operational backbone of your business.  We can take care of routine matters such as human resources, payroll, accounting, and IT as well as the set-up and management of infrastructure.

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